Hi, I’m Kiran who love’s technology. I have grown up with computers with my first taste of computing using a Amstrad -two options blue screen to enter programming code or use cassette tapes to play games.

My first taste of Windows 95 (aww) remember the static windows logo and little blue coloured bar that ran across the screen at the bottom. The internet browsers were Netscape and Internet Explorer only. Flying into the future with circles  and curves losing its trend and squares or tiles being the next big thing (again)  fingers, gestures, voice being the new keyboard and mouse.  Am proud to have an opportunity to share the gems with you on here!

Remember playing with an apple system in primary school that was shared in the class, wondering what a different computer… from the normal back to this very day still being different in their own fashionable geeky way.

I am embarking on a learning journey and ask you to come onboard too! (loving nautical theme there?)
I will be looking at developing my skills in…
– Developing applications and learning programming languages.
(Agile movement seems to be everywhere so dipping my toes in there)
– Becoming more productive whilst on the move with busy lifestyle.
– Proud Geek Journalist who is different in the approach. Stop taking things seriously life is too short for us all to keep it formal!
– Network, Make new friends who are interested in the same thing as me all over the world and the UK!
– Share my passion of teaching tech, adventure and projects.

My key aim of this blog is not always to push companies stuff instead highlight gems but also from elsewhere… I will also attempt make no use of jargon or limit the use of it and where possible explain in much detail I can but I have been known to summaries so when you want details throw me a fishing line, I will get on it and fish out all the details.

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Please note this blog is not a commercial venture and will never ever make money out of you and if it does it will tell you via * next to the link and the author of this blog does not get paid to do the reviews of products or anything for the posts other than receiving the product or service free to review it and will not be bias for any reason regardless of brand, author or provider. It is got to do with passion! (nothing fishy goes on here)  Still interested in letting me taste your product/service? then contact me.

One thing I do want people to note is that this blog is not advert blog nor will it ever be the above  line only invites cool new tech people to show me their big things/idea or share passion but no guarantee  it will be featured on here as if i think it is not worth it or ready as a product or service offering for my readers, i won’t bother…

UPDATE: The blog over time has become a personal journey of the tech world and thoughts. This needs updating soon.


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