We coming back for 2020 in a world thats facing alot going on…

Hold tight…

Happy New Year!

Thanks for being a reader of the Student Geek Blog and I hope you will continue reading in 2016 and beyond.

What Office?

  Recently having a conversation with a startup business who wanted to rent office space in London to work away from home and also conduct meetings, yet everything from initial client contact to… Continue reading

Voice is the new touch in controlling the web soon…

We have already seen the expansion of AI voice control on our mobile devices and has already been built into computer systems including our Macs for many years yet it has not been… Continue reading

“Je suis Charlie” Freedom of Speak/Draw/Think

Learn to Code

Codes are languages (real world) not just one but many types exists like in the real world that allow you to communicate to carry out different tasks so do you know how to… Continue reading

Is Paper Dead?

First take a look at this… Laughing my head off with the advert. I do belive paper has its place for being creative and putting thoughts down on paper is a lot more… Continue reading

Game Maker Course

This post is dedicated to the students who have participated on the Summer School Game Maker Course 2014 Thanks for being Awesome and Creative during the week!   Tools and Resources  How to… Continue reading

Quicky Basic Drupal Guide

  I thought ‘pfft’ Drupal will be a piece of cake as a platform that needs to be used as part of final year modules exploring issues in internet design and development in… Continue reading

Awesome Hardware

There has been a lot of hype with big tech company hardware like Google Glass but as a Tech Geek and Growing developer here are two bits of gadget that has more of my… Continue reading

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