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Congratulations for taking Student Geek with you, smart move… If you need more information about our apps or need help than your  at the right place. If you still cannot get the answer to your query then please contact us.

Available in the Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome Extension

App Name: Student Geek Latest
Current Version: 1.5
Release Date: 21/04/2012
Platform: Google Chrome Browser Required
Available at: Download via Chrome Web Store

We value your opinion on any of our apps including the Google Chrome Extension App for your Chrome Browser. Please use the contact form to provide us your opinion, errors experienced etc.

The extension allows you to view the latest articles via the little windows directly on your Chrome Browser, allowing you to view without having to visit Student Geek Blog every moment. The app does not link or delivery content of outside sources other than Student Geek and only links to the articles.

The extension does not tack your browsing, read or do anything malicious nature liking looking at your files on your system.

Check your mobile or tablet device app store for Student Geek Blog Apps.

Thanks for your support! It’s much appreciated.