Essential Apps for your new baby…

…for your Windows Phone 7.

After unboxing the Windows Phone 7 and changing the theme colour from green to blue! I started exploring the pre-installed apps that came with it (article coming soon). Here is student geek’s essential apps for your windows phone 7 now!

Official Twitter App

Publisher: Twitter

App Cost: FREE

Who can live without twitter…. Tweet away those once in moment thoughts on the side whilst watching the riverbank or in the lecture about how interesting it is or light bulb  moment.

You can follow my moments or thoughts on


Publisher: Microsoft

App Cost: FREE

Everyone get’s bored or even goes insane waiting in line to get something or waiting for an appointment to the dentist (ahhh) but this game will help fight the battle of waiting.

Official Foursquare App

Publisher : foursquares

App Cost: FREE

We’ve been tweeting away, blogging away and now we can check in online to find out what other people think too whilst you are doing that why not give some tips too.


Update 03/07/2011 – Better suggestion has been found and I think it is worth looking at that first then this particular suggestion, Find out more about 4th & Mayor in this article




Publisher : Xbox Live

App Cost: $4.99 (Check for UK)

It is perfect it uses accelerometer and the touch screen effectively. When using it on wide-screen phone such as the HTC HD7 (that I have) it has amazing game play graphics.

Finally if you wanted some tips on installing, uninstalling and pinning those new apps as well as extra tips thrown in take a look below.

Power User  Tips…

  • Press and hold the selected area to get the cursor where you want it. For example inside the word or another location in the document without pressing backspace or delete to get to a location.
  • To move a tile from home screen hold onto the tile and then drag. Want to delete a tile press the selected tile and then press the small cross in the circle. Zaap it’s gone from the home screen but don’t worry you will still find it under the all apps list.
  • To uninstall an app got to the all apps list and hold down the app where another menu will open up and show you options to uninstall and pin to home screen.

Improvements Needed (Moaning bit…)

  • Pre-formated text messages to send out when using SMS like “I’m running late”
  • Arrow keys, the tip above moves the cursor to the chosen location but it can be fiddly so would like the arrow keys back in the virtual keyboard.
  • Multi-tasking – but i know that is coming in the next WP7 Update known as Mango (what a lovely code name…)

Until they improve it maybe someone could build an app? Maybe someone could make money out of it or maybe it could be me or you! Find out more about getting your hands dirty with aim of making the next big app and lots of money! soon.