404 days… of Student Geek 2010/11

The winter season and holiday has arrived and fast going. The Student Geek blogging project has passed well over  one year and now 404 days old being a web developer (you might have seen a 404 error code when you went to a page that does not exists, get it…) it would be a nice touch to mark this day with a post on highlights of the best posts since 2010/11 so far on the Student Geek Blog proudly powered by WordPress.com

Received a new Gadget?

If you have received a brand sparkling new computer (let it be Mac/Android/Windows/Linux based) system all of them need some tweaking to make it secure and if you don’t know student geeks tips on this  than take a look at  LOCK DOWN YOUR PC article.

Need to tighten the purse/wallet strings?

Been spending like mad with Christmas and Boxing Day sales in the UK than it maybe time to start saving whatever is left until you get your next pay packet so take a look at STUDENT GEEK SAVINGS! article on how to become a pro at saving whilst still enjoying luxuries (It doesn’t mean you become tight wad when buying drinks!)

Start a new year with a new Windows Live ID…

If you have a Windows Live/ Hotmail email address or creating a new one with your other email address than don’t forget to read how you could take advantage of it on other platforms like Xbox live profiles etc. Find out more at POWER OF WINDOWS LIVE ID! article.

Finally got a Windows Phone 7.5 device as a gift!

Congratulation for being cool (as i have one and fan)  but why not take a look at Student Geek suggestions on apps – take a look at ESSENTIALS APPS FOR WP7 UPDATE and ESSENTIAL APPS FOR YOUR NEW BABY…

The above articles are just suggestions on possible things you might or might not be wondering about that would be helpful at the moment but there are many more articles from group working to book reviews so explore the site, comment, share, like, rate and tweet about the articles.

Looking forward to writing more articles for next year aimed at and interactive on the campus, schools, colleges, clubs around the UK.

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