Windows Phone Camp

Early February morning, into the heart of London. Cold, brisk day with hint of sun but nothing there. I run late yet get there at edge of time. To be greeted, watered and seated to hear the first speaker of the day…. only to hear the hassle and bustle of last-minute packet opening of the design book placed on the seat. Finally we hear the introductions.

There was Mike, Pete and rest of the excellent crew. Presenting with their hearts in the mouth showing pure enthusiasm for an awesome platform like a preacher to its congregation. It was exciting to meet with flock too with all the interesting apps being developed, ideas buzzing, professionals, hobbiest and few bloggers (met 3) all mixed in the bag.

Being Student I got to meet and laugh about life before they become professional ‘back in the student days’… some great stories and learnt a lot too about building for the Windows Phone 7 platform so keep your eyes peeled for more resources and apps from Student Geek!

Take a look at the video highlight of the event made by UK Tech.Days team…

Don’t worry if you feel you missed out because the camps are coming in May to London and Liverpool so find out more here