Trick or Treat Surprise on Student Geek

Living Tech Zombies

As I travel from one station to another on London’s tube, I note that rarely you get to speak to a stranger unless you got blood sucking associates traveling along with you. Most of the time everyone seems ‘plugged in’ with either mobile, gaming device and a  lit up face by the device. Especially creepy when on the Bakerloo Line trains where sometimes the lights go out when in the tunnel, all dark for that second or two you get the real glimpse of living tech zombies.

Each station brings new set of people with their respective style and ‘mind zapping gadgets. ‘All Change Please’,  the train terminates its service early. Only to step on the on a darkly lit platform to wait for next train filled with living tech zombies filled with blood. Posters promoting the mind zapping tech that people should plug into plastered across the walls of the platforms. Drooling at every instruction of the game… not forgetting to take pictures of the victims  to tweet and check in at the doomed locations on FourSquare.

Whilst waiting I noticed there was a person on the escalator with a bright  glow still on the face whilst moving up. Turned and look to see the person next to me plugged in. You will have to wait to see if I was bitten… Enjoy the cold dark night…