Learn to Code

Codes are languages (real world) not just one but many types exists like in the real world that allow you to communicate to carry out different tasks so do you know how to speak aka code in Python, PHP, Java or HTML ? Did I just lose you there, Don’t worry.

The internet is a great resource to learn from especially for coding, there is no longer the need for coders to read lengthy text heavy books on how to code in a particular language. I’ve been there it gets boring zzzzzzzzzzz oh sorry but something better is online learning a fresh way to learn at your time, a place that you enjoy learning in (like up a tree) and it’s accessible as long as you have the internet and browser than you can get going.

As Student Geek always champions free resources that are open to all, the suggestions below are free and accessible to all regardless if you are student at university or not. You should not see the tools as a barrier if you never tried higher level education but instead a way for you to dip your feet into learning at your pace. I always recount the story of 75 year old man still attended literature class in the evening.

FutureLearn and Coursera


FutureLearn and Coursera are both MOOCS (Massive Open Online Course) which simply means university level tutoring online available to all for free regardless of ability or any fees but all courses suggest prerequisites to help you get going when you do participate so the courses start with basic fundamental some are completely dedicated to teaching you the basics whilst others are advanced topics with fundamental integrated into it all in one learning experience.

Coursera has been around for little while longer than its UK counterpart FutureLearn an initiative from the open university with leading UK universities. It seems the UK is catching up well with US counterparts where Coursera comes from. Others are Udacity https://www.udacity.com and Edx https://www.edx.org/

Microsoft Channel 9 & Microsoft Virtual Academy



Rob Miles, C# Yellow Book and Windows Phone Blue Book – FREE PDFs.


YouTube tutorials

from a guy called thenewboston, it was for java but the principles are more or less the same for C# for the basics.


(My Favourite) Codeacademy ideal to learn the basics of the web development for HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as PHP, Python, Ruby and some APIs


Khan Academy

Khan Academy maths but has branched out to science, economics and computer science inc basics of programming.


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N.B. This article was held in draft bank for some time but I thought it was important to let it out before it gets too cold, no longer tasting right. Keep the kudos coming in!