What Office?


Recently having a conversation with a startup business who wanted to rent office space in London to work away from home and also conduct meetings, yet everything from initial client contact to delivery of service is all done online. All employees/freelancers are working from different locations, so why the need for additional overhead costs when you can already use the resources around you. Some are free others costing a bit for more permanent fixing etc . Freelancer? what’s the fun in using just one place when everyday there can be new sights, sounds and locations to work from.

Helping the creativity flow.

This article is also helpful for professional people and students tired of working from home or office, looking for an alternative approach.

Start Up Community

In London, Google Campus has a cafe ideal for quick refreshing cool or hot drink plus there is great wi-fi and wonderful place to work from whilst mingling with other startups in the heart of London. Only issue you will have bear the sardine can journey there on the tube. Don’t forget to register using your Gmail account first before visiting.

It does get busy so get there early and not for people who want bit more peace and room than why not look at the commercial offering in London such as becoming a paid Resident @ Google Campus, try other popular with tech companies like Central Working or TechHub as well if you looking to splash the cash.


Local Authority, British Library, City Business Library and even the University Library if your a alumni than you can normally if registered can access to your university library for references access and use space there to do some research work although there may restriction like no use of wi-fi or computer equipment.

Public Spaces like Parks, Coffee Shops etc.

Weather permitting there are some great open places in London and other places around the UK where you can just take what is needed and focus on getting the task completed out in fresh air from revising those notes from a meeting to writing a blog post like this one. When needed you can take a break from it all and enjoy the environment.

I particular like using this tip to get on with one key task I have to complete and only take the things needed for it so there are no distractions a book and my laptop. No need for wi-fi or anything else.

Not keen on getting close to nature of baring the British weather than there is always coffee shops and restaurants that welcome people working from there as long as you buy food and drink from them. Although don’t stay there for all the meetings/work etc. Walk out and enjoy the shops or events nearby as well.

Get out there let your working environment inspire you… I say work should never feel like work. 🙂

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