Power of Windows Live ID!

I know people think I sold out on Yahoo! Mail, as people know I have used Yahoo! Mail since I first set up my first email address well I have not at all abandon them, Choose to use best of both not say I have a hotmail/live email address but for people who don’t read on!.

I registered my Yahoo! ID as a Windows Live ID at Passport.net many years ago, If don’t know what Windows Live ID is then listen up!,  It is in my own words a Microsoft credential system used to be called Microsoft Passport to give your basic details like email address, name and date of birth etc once.


– Access Windows Live messenger and chat to hearts desire!

– Keep your existing email provider! (Works with Google Mail too) and one email box less stress.

– Gain the powers of Windows Live ID and access to many Microsoft Resources like Skydrive: 25 GB of free online storage  (I will highlight many through this blog so keep your eyes peeled).

– You control the data it holds (I like power to people)

Visit this Wikipedia to find out more Windows Live ID history.

To register your existing email address (non hotmail/live email address)  go to http://www.passport.net , If you already hold a Windows @live.com/.co.uk or @hotmail.com/.co.uk you don’t need to worry as your email address is already a windows live ID.