Essentials Apps for WP7 Update

Essentials Apps for WP7 Update article appends and replaces one suggestion from my original suggestions from this article . It also provides tips and suggestion on how best you can use the apps to get the full potential.

4th & Mayor App

App Cost: FREE

App Type: Social

Better than the official foursquare app  previously suggested article instead  in terms of speed and ease replace it with 4th & Mayor and you won’t regret un-installing the official app. It includes all the usual suspects of features that foursquare that has been optimised for use with Windows Phone 7.

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Make the ‘Check-in’ Work for you…

Tips! Don’t forget to check-in into restaurants and shops etc as they provide special offers, competitions and vouchers exclusively from foursquare service. Don’t forget to read the tips left from earlier visitors they always helpful. Save every student penny for those extra expenses.

Update 04/07/2011: After reviewing again the official foursquare app, that now has been extensively been updated and has excellent user interface (the graphics) and features list, I still prefer the 4th & Mayor ease of use and the speed compared to the official app. Though the offical app is quickly becoming a strong contender if it can get the speed issue sorted out.

Panda Vs Ninjas

App Cost: FREE

App Type: Game

You all know that there has been a grudge between pigs and birds and a popular app game has come out of it but have you seen something better than lets kick but of Ninja’s yay! Let the different size and ability panda’s help you to beat them to vanishing point (use dynamite) to make it even more interesting!


Level 17 Tip: If you are stuck than unlock the potential of the last panda’s dynamite by catapulting it whilst flying tap on it to activate the three second timer before the big bang happens to let the last ninja have taste of panda medicine.

Tube Map

App Cost: FREE

App Type: Travel

Being a Londoner, I need to travel and depend on the Public transport system to get from A to B especially the London Underground Network (the tube) and this app suggestion is ideal for any traveller using the ‘Tube Map’ app allows you to see the underground map without the need to look into your pockets/hand bag or get up from your seat to see the map.

It can also create a journey plan if you input your start station and end station, the app will provide you with all changes and directions you need to get you there. With additional information on station closures, delays etc. It is an app that i can happy to declare  fully featured and free. Great essential to any students WP7 phone who travels using the network.

Tesco Real Food

App Cost: FREE

App Type: Lifestyle/Food/Shopping

Every student needs to learn to cook and finding easy to follow recipes can be great helping hand and that is what the ‘Tesco Real Food’ app provides with ability to search from ingredients that already have. With different recipes from the usual takeaways to home cooked recipes, there is enough to turn you into popular member in the flat for your culinary delights.

Visually the app is appealing enough even if you’re not going to cook just to look at. It list all the ingredients and provides rating from other users and a useful guideline percentages  for daily allowances of calories, fat, sugar, saturates and salt.

More suggestion soon, until then tell me your comments or suggestions that you think i have missed then do let me know. Using the comments section below, contact form, Twitter or Facebook.