Student Geek Savings!

I thought I’d compile a list of student geek saving tips! I have spent few days wondering how I was going to present to all my legends…. and decided to do it in stages where this is just start of many updates or follow up articles, tweets or suggestions on the Student Geek page on Facebook or the site.

The  sales are all gone and the summer is fast approaching, the pockets might be tight as bills as pile up and i know the job market is tight wad at the moment so keeping everyone of those hard earned pennys will become useful especially if you are a student now going to university…

The suggestions may be aimed at UK audience but it does not mean there may not be a local opportunity in your country so do look into it.

Check the Prices: Google It! – or Ask Bing is it worth it? –

This is also true when shopping on the high street! I have so far got laptop Belkin cooling unit for remarkable cut down so it does work.

Another trick to use to make things quicker use the tool in your pocket whilst you are in-store to compare prices  by going online and googling or asking bing.

FREEBIES! Great but don’t let your guard down.

Money Saving Expert –

I mentioned being a money saving convert a proud geek one be it! As technology moves so fast as geek loving his technology and gadget its important for him/her to keep up with latest freebies and offers and the best way to do that is to get the online community to help you. Visit Money Saving Expert for financial guidance and details on coupons/offers on buying your essentials from the supermarket to increasing your income online. Don’t forget the freebies board on the forum.

You might find me answering questions on the Techie Stuff Board

Become Fans of brands you love!

This is something that you can only do if you have a social media accounts with services like Facebook or Twitter and you would have to keep an eye on the ‘wall’ or ‘feed’ to see if there are offers, many of them hold weekly competitions or give-aways especially Fridays for some reason.

Let loyalty count

Do you have a favourite brand that you always use McVities biscuits and Coke-Cola both do a point collection programme online after buying the selected products. If you want your shopping basket in general work for you in  Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s then use their loyalty programmes Tesco Clubcard and Sainsbury Nectar Scheme or Staple Reward. Both supermarkets also provide the opportunity to gain or spend points/cash outside of the supermarkets sometimes double values in return.

Don’t pay for 0845 or 0870 etc numbers get a freephone or alternative geographic area number

There is always a time when you have to get in contact with a company’s customer service or call centre to get what ever the problem is resolved quickly and it can be more frustrating when we have to folk out the cash for the call when they are to blame. Instead use to get the alternative geographic or freephone number.

Unlock the potential of the mobile phone whilst shopping

Reduce the need to spend by browsing instead use your phone to create a shopping list (trust me it helps as it saves you time and money) stops you from buying non essentials that are not listed in your list or stops you forgetting things.

Use the camera to scan and search the net for comparison on price or just search the net using the web browser of your phone. Find out more by reading Unleashing the power of the mobile camera article on Student Geek.

Student Discount

Double check before proceeding with payment Online if there is a student discount available (sometimes via special promo code or link to special section of the shop website) if not try searching  voucher codes with shop name on a search engine and refer to the results.

Microsoft provides Microsoft DreamSpark as a great incentive to get student and educators creating and using their software. Some of which is normally not cheap to buy but available to you for FREE if you are a student attending a full-time course at a eligible UK educational establishment. Please refer to website for further details.

There are many more tips and tricks but at this moment I think there is enough for you to get started on and do let me know what has worked for you or not and your own advice.

Legal bit: Note Student Geek does not endorse any product  or service in this article other than offer a suggestion, tip or advice that you use at your own risk.

This article was inspired by after the theme from Liam and Dan articles!