#twiliocon europe 2013

[This article was written on the day but was left for long time till it was pre-scheduled for posting now.]

It was great pleasure today to visit #twiliocon in the heart of tech city London. With Keynote from the CEO with announcement of new features for Twilio with inclusion of mobile numbers and the update to the features for developers to troubleshoot and refer to logs effectively manage troubleshooting. (Which is nice to see developers being looked after) Below are two of my tweets from the event, one of which I had put into action.



Scrapped the above planned code and replace with simple greeting and hold music until someone picks up.

Inspired by Nick’s Simplicity I redid @LifestyleMCo Phone System to make it simple as possible compared to Press 1 for Bookings etc as it was always important to have customer services on top priority for clients  to speak to LMCo staff as soon as possible to deal with the call compared to the menu system that was there previously. This way offering superior quality of service to others. Still wanting to have that professional edge a recorded greeting would be played than transferred to simultaneous call that would wait until any one of the many LMCo staff were able to take the call and answer. This will help support LMCo mantra of keeping things simple, the only reason why clients or potential clients phone LMCo compare to alternative contact methods is to speak to someone and this is point of the new re-designed system.

I was well aware of the lack of females in the industry, there was only one female in our college National Diploma Course but at University you see there are many females doing IT, which is great but normally mixed with other subjects. I believe they later move on to the other topics as the main area of work and leave IT to the side when they leave university. Companies having a female IT person in the company not only bring balance but provides a fresh eyes, approaches that we would not normally have if it was all male dominated. I will continue to support the movement to see more females taking up IT (this includes coding).

There was also a great presentation on all the student Doers by Ben Nunney on his travels around the UK visiting the Young ReWired State centres to see some of the great work the young people did and can say I am truly amazed by the young talent we have in the UK, this should be nurtured and supported. Organisation like the Young ReWired State is doing a great job of that instead of schools. 

The other awesome projects like @freeformers_uk, Another awesome use of technology within the community with ‘Hello Lamp Post’ take a read more on what it was about here http://hellolamppost.co.uk/