New love of HTML5 and CSS3



This article note like others have been sitting in my draft box for ages but I still think it’s worth a mention of why I feel HTML5 and CSS3 is positive move forward.

Since working towards a certification, I had a better opportunity to go through all the main features and excellent offerings of HTML5 and CSS3 that I would use currently. The fact it has become simple and easier to use and properly separate the styling, structure and content a lot more easier rather than using  half hacks for browser compatibility is a breath of fresh air. I also used it as part of a client’s project, this allowed me hands on experience especially like the inbuilt validation for form fields without writing extra JavaScript or server side stuff as it deals with it out of the box! (bliss) although I still feel I need to add server validation bit in just to be 100% safe the data is all correctly validated if it seen by unsupported browsers.