‘Creative Juices’ flowing…


Another article been sitting in my draft post box for ages but it’s time to dust it off and post it online!

It was an excellent day of practical learning, mixed with fun all delivered by the excellent staff at Qualcomm Offices in London, We had an inspiration run down on mobile app development from Richard, Yuza than onto learning about creativity tools and what can zap them… [Refer above image for rough notes on creativity]

By the time we digested it all we were given a brief of what they wanted to see us produce with brief for a mobile app using all the creative tools learnt earlier in the day. We went off and brain stormed but also taking advice from another expert who was present on the day, Liam, Yuza. Who helped refine our ideas for the mobile app. Than we sat out to created our pitch (Really did feel like a mini apprentice episode, but i was in it!) Then came the bit where we waiting group after group went in to the panel of judges from Qualcomm and Yuza to pitch our ideas and it was awesome!

Pleased to say our team won! Thanks to the rest of members for working on the ideas and pitch. ) Thanks for all the people involved to make the day a great one! 🙂

You can also read ELBA Press release on the event where I’m featured in the photo in a grey jumper! 🙂 http://www.elba-1.org.uk/case-studies/08-05-2013/qualcomm-encourages-creativity-east-london-students